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5 Pre-Event Registration Pitfalls To Prevent Ruining The Onsite Experience

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Prior preparation prevents p*** poor performance. Here are 5 simple event registration pitfalls to avoid from our experts Philip Church of Swoogo and our very own Scott Applegate.

You don't want to rock up at your event and realize: "Uuups, this is not going as expected." Equally, you want to ensure your pre-event registration is well aligned with your on-site logistics and therefore the delegate experience.

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1) Use Badges & Barcodes to Your Advantage

Pre Event Registration Pitfalls
Use bar codes and/or QR codes on your badges

You want to pay attention not only to what to put on your event badge, but also what's behind any barcode or QR code.

Without a barcode, your badge is still valuable but it's less useful for any checking in or checking out. In fact, it's sheer impossible.

What about QR codes?

QR codes also play a role when it comes to increasing the onsite experience. They can be used as a V-Card to allow attendees to interchange contact information with one another.

You can also add a QR code on your badge (maybe on the back of it, so that people can't just take a picture and you'll find your contact details on the internet a few weeks time)

Takeaway: Having a barcode and a QR code on your badge is totally fine. Just make sure you don't forget them at all.

2) Setup Attendee App Passwords in Advance

If you're not living behind a rock, you've probably already used attendee apps at your events. Apps allow attendees to display event-specific information such as attendee lists, speaker biographies, and agendas.

Obviously, they can only show the attendees' own personal agenda if the attendee logs in with a password. To prevent any on-site disasters, make sure that attendees choose their password during pre-registration, so they don't have to fiddle logging onto dodgy venue wifi and re-setting their password on their mobile phone.

In fact, you'll probably have attendees logging onto the app before the event so they can make appointments, set their own schedule or message one another.

Takeaway: Make sure the password is already set ahead of time and make sure every attendee has a password so that they can just show up and it works (No need to reset).

3) Be Careful Setting Up Different Event Registration Sites

With all the various event registration platforms available today, it's possible to easily move data across various sites via copy & paste.

This, however, is a huge time suck and we want you to avoid this no matter what. Swoogo and most other platforms have visibility and conditional logic available for a reason.

Let's say you have multiple attendee types, like exhibitors, speakers, staff & VIPs, you don't want to create a separate reg site for each of those. Because, if you don't pay attention, you can mess up your data and therefore your on-site process and your overall event experience.

Takeaway: Make sure to speak to your strategic account manager, your support team or customer success expert to ensure you make full use of the software you have in place.

4) Checkbox vs. Radio Button: Know The Difference

Here's a simple rule:

Use radio buttons if you want to create single selection options. A simple example is a "yes" or "no" answer. You don't want both to be selected.

On the other hand, use checkboxes if you want to allow attendees to select multiple options, e.g. optional fields for selecting extra activities during the event.

But here's the issue.

If you want to put any of that information on a badge, checkbox selections are hard to predict. You don't know how many options someone will select. Hence, you don't know if it will fit or look good.

Takeaway: Choose radio buttons over checkboxes if you can to avoid any ugly looking badges.

5) Create Consistent Session Names

Having easily identifiable sessions is always a good thing.

You want to make sure that whenever you look at your session report, you know which of the three different breakout options you're looking at.

A lot of times you'll be using handheld scanners. Those scanners have limited views and you don't want the session name to be too long so it's cut off from the screen.

This is crucial when you're picking items from a list. It has to be obvious.

Takeaway: Identify those sessions you're scanning for and make sure you name them appropriately.

What's Next?

Watch the on-demand webinar "5 Pre Event Registration Pitfalls To Prevent Ruining The Onsite Experience".

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